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  1. Ling from IGA malvern east 472 waverley rd malvern east 3145, I would like to know how to order your product and is there any rep can come to my store to talk about it.



  2. Hi there
    Just wondering if you can buy boxes rather than singles. These are my favourite lollies!

  3. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you do shipping?

    Or else, do you have a physical shop in Sydney or Melbourne or Gold Coast?

    There used to have a physical shop in Singapore but they have since wind up.

    I last saw this at Queen Victoria Night Market in Melbourne when i was there in December last year and have been craving for it since 🙁

    1. hi sorry for the late reply but yes we do shipping if you on our online store you would be able to select the flavor and we ship it out to you

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